Download: Latest Google Play Store v3.7.15

Google is in the process of rolling out a Play Store update v3.7.15 which follows 3.7.11 and 3.7.13 from early July. The latest version doesn't bring any new features as far as I can tell, so we can only assume it contains under-the-hood improvements and/or bug fixes.
One such bug fix resolves the problem with Sprint devices that were previously getting stuck downloading applications on 4G and displayed a "waiting for network" message.
If you haven't gotten the 3.7.15 Play Store update automatically yet, you can find a number of download mirrors below. Just push the apk to your device and install it the same way you would sideload any other app. The file is signed by Google and was verified as legitimate (in fact, I pulled it off my phone a few minutes ago).
wm_Screenshot_2012-07-28-12-34-10 wm_Screenshot_2012-07-28-12-33-14